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Why Missile Attacks from Gaza?

Asher Intrater


It seems incredulous to us that Hamas would start such a confrontation against Israel, in which they can only lose and cause destruction to their own people.  I asked a dear Arab friend who responded this way:

"In recent weeks there have been many protests against Hamas among the people of Gaza, under the slogan, "We want to live".  And Hamas has murdered some of the protesters, broke the bones of others, and others were put in jail. The situation is very painful. 

As we have seen in the past, when the spotlight gets turned on Hamas, they know how to deflect the spotlight toward Israel, and so they start shooting rockets at Israel.

By shooting the rockets, they cause the attention of the greater Arab world to be taken off Gaza and directed to Israel.  It is a diversionary tactic. This happens every time there is criticism against Hamas.

It is so sad.  We have many contacts in Gaza; the people have no food to eat. The average salary is about 100 USD per month for those who are blessed enough even get such work."

Spinning the Narrative

Another viewpoint voiced from a number of news sources in Israel is that behind the scenes Iran is pushing for escalation, to further its agenda for a massive attack to destroy Israel totally, and in the meantime to disrupt any possible compromise peaceful arrangement.

In any case, the people of Gaza, caught between the conflicts of Iran, Hamas, PLO, Jihad, etc. are suffering horribly. 

The current situation affects the upcoming political elections in Israel, but it is not clear who will benefit or how.  Every group is trying to "spin" the narrative in their own favor.

Please pray fervently! 

Jerusalem's Acceptance of Messiah Yeshua 


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