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June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A lot of deeply significant events have taken place recently. Please take time to read these brief stories, to glimpse how our great and mighty God is impacting peoples and nations with His glorious Kingdom.

Getting to Know the Team – Cody and Liat

Cody and LiatCody Archer is from Alberta, Canada. After a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit aged 21, he felt called into full-time ministry. Since then he has been serving the Lord internationally. After serving with YWAM in California for 4.5 years, he moved to Israel in 2010, where he met his wife Liat. He spent two years studying Hebrew before joining Revive Israel.

Liat was born and raised in Israel. After serving in the army and feeling far from God, she encountered Yeshua's love and made drastic changes in her life. She attended a discipleship school at Revive Israel and later joined the Revive Israel team. Cody and Liat live in the Jerusalem area with their beautiful children: Hallel, Yair, and Elisha, aged 6, 3, and 3 months.

Cody and Liat are deacons and lead the youth group in the congregation - Ahavat Yeshua - in central Jerusalem. At Revive Israel they lead the international media team and have a vision for revival in Israel and the nations. They are active in sharing the gospel, discipleship, and building up congregations. They are passionate about raising up the next generation and connecting people to God's heart for Israel.

Kiev Trip Report

We believe God is about to do something amazing in Ukraine. Asher spoke recently in Kiev at possibly the largest Messianic conference in the world, with 7000 attending from 32 countries, asking the question whether it is just by chance that the nation’s new president and prime minister are both Jewish.

Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation organized the conference led by Boris Goshenko, also inviting Sid Roth, Heidi Baker, and IHOPKC worship leader Misty Edwards. The theme was the Father’s heart, and many received the fire of revelation concerning the love of God.

Asher spoke on Revelation, identifying what seems to be another shift in God’s End Time agenda and His earnest desire for revival in this war-torn region. The Father’s heart provokes awakening and greater commitment.

Our Tal Robin commented, “People were really excited and understood and wanted what Asher was talking about. All 7,000 stood and prayed in response. People I spoke to were deeply touched and some really caught the fire.”

Watch here!

Revive Holland – Event Report

Dutch youth were deeply touched during a weekend at Camping Tikvah in Hooghalen, the Netherlands. “Over the course of the weekend we encouraged and spoke into the lives of young people with a passion for Israel that want to be equipped and to fellowship with the Messianic body, to live out the mystery of the one new man in our present day”, said one of the organisers. Youval and Valerie Yanay led the Israeli team. Attendees felt encouraged to continue meeting together, building upon this foundation. 

This was the first event organised by Revive Israel Nederland – our new team in Europe, in partnership with Petach Tikvah ministry. Leaders of both ministries Eelco and Karin, have a 16-year relationship with Revive Israel. They own a campsite a few meters away from Camp Westerbork – a major transit camp in World War II, where 107,000 Dutch Jews passed through most on their way to their murder in Auschwitz or Sobibor at the hands of the Nazis. “This poignant location, once a place of death and godlessness is now a spirit-filled door of hope”.

Report on Tikkun Restore Conference – Holly Wallace

TikkunThe theme for the 2019 Tikkun Restore Conference in Ellicott City, MD was BREAKTHROUGH—for power evangelism, for generational transfer of leadership, for transformation from “glory to glory”. Families and leaders gathered in anticipation of an outpouring to reach Israel and the nations with the gospel message.

The worship was rich and full of life, with local teams of musicians leading us into His presence. Paul Wilbur opened the conference on Friday night and released a “Roar from Zion.” He gave a moving tribute to his dear friend, Marc Chopinsky, who graduated to glory this past year and was an integral part of the Messianic community that birthed the Tikkun network.

In addition to impartation from American and Israeli leadership - Eitan Shishkoff, Avishalom Tekle (Tents of Mercy, Haifa), and Guy Cohen (Harvest of Asher, Akko)—international evangelist Robbie Dawkins inspired the audience with a message filled with first-hand testimonies of going out to the darkest places with a prophetic unction to share the gospel in expectation of a harvest; “Faith is spelled R.I.S.K.”

Middle East Trip Report

groupThis trip, we believe, was historic, contributing to the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.  Representatives from 6 nations from around the Isaiah 19 highway assembled as part of the ‘Watchmen for the Nations’ family, together with 10 far-off nations. It was not only significant for the disconnected family of Abraham to unite, but the promise of Isaiah 19:24 is that their reconciliation will be “a blessing in the earth”. “We entered a new place of walking in covenant as representatives of Middle Eastern nations,” said an attendee. “We met at the Biblical site of Peniel, where Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and felt that the Lord wanted to give us a new name and identity as peoples and nations, especially for Arab Israelis and Palestinians amongst us - the start of a path we have not yet completed”.

Some of our young people led a Shabbat dinner in the capital for 40 young, mostly Arab, people – for some this was their first exposure to Hebrew culture, worship and language. “They began to understand our nation for the first time and their hearts were transformed with love. We also shared the gospel with local people, including in Arabic”.

Worry is a Sin


Asher Intrater shares about being given authority and taking responsibility, but then being plagued by worry which chokes out our faith. Worry is our enemy that must be driven out.

Watch HERE! 

Subtitles in: Danish, Dutch, French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.