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September 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

Here in Israel, we are enjoying figs from the second and best harvest of the year. In Scripture the fig is often a symbol of Israel. Yeshua compared the growth of leaves on the fig tree with terrible end-time events. But alongside the warning which the leaves represent, there is a message of hope - the coming fruit, meaning the restoration of Israel and the Kingdom. So, as surely as we today are eating these delicious figs, so too the fullness of the Kingdom of God will come ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.


[Yeshua] told them this parable: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Luke 21:29-31

Yeshua’s message is not just for Israel, but also for ‘all the trees’ – Israel and the nations together, so let’s continue to pray together for God’s Kingdom to come on earth.

Here is some news from the Revive Israel team as we, in partnership with you, prepare for that coming fullness of the Kingdom:

Getting to Know the Team – Ariel and Vered Blumenthal

ArielIn his early twenties Ariel Blumenthal was a Zen Buddhist living in Tokyo, Japan.  In 1992 he met some Korean Christians in Japan and had a dramatic encounter with the crucified and risen Yeshua. Since then Ariel has served in ministry in the US, Israel and the Far East. 

Ariel has a passion for seeing the One New Man come into being - the universal church of Jew and Gentile, Israel and the nations.  He has taught widely and also written much on the subject, including his recent book entitled One New Man. Ariel speaks English, Hebrew and Japanese fluently; and is conversant in and reads Mandarin Chinese. 

One New ManAriel and his wife Vered are co-pastors of the Ahavat Yeshua Hebrew speaking congregation in downtown Jerusalem - where they also live with their 4 children. He is very active in developing and supporting Revive Israel teams in East Asia.







France Team Update


Peter and Audrey, Revive Israel France team leaders, have just given birth to their second child (pictured), amidst a busy summer. Youval & Valerie, Raphael & Liel, took 16 Israeli youngsters for discipleship and service at a youth camp near Valence, also attended by young Egyptian believers. The reality of One New Man (Eph 2:15-16) was very real.

Colombia and Chile Update – Jeremiah Smilovici writes about his family’s extended South America ministry trip

The trip was amazing. During the mission we taught in about 15 different congregations, mainly on the topics "One New Man" and "unity." The messages were a revelation to these communities, something they haven't heard before.

We formed strong friendships with leaders from Messianic Jewish communities in Bogota and Cali (Colombia) and with Christian leaders in Osorno, San Carlos, and Rancagua (Chile). We are still in contact with these leaders now and are planning ongoing collaboration and connection.

We served well as a couple together, when I taught in Hebrew and Rachel translated into Spanish. I continue to learn the Spanish language and can now communicate a little with the locals in their language. It was very special.

Other summer ministry trips reports (in alphabetical order)

The Revive Israel team has been very busy with overseas ministry trips this summer, advancing the Kingdom of God in Israel and the nations:

Dor Haba is a creative music / media camp, aimed at bringing Jewish and Arab believing youth together. Asher spoke on the first night, while Malek, Suzan and Sarah served as translators and counsellors etc. “Walls were broken down like never before between the Arabs and Messianic youth.”

Greece – Marilyn spent a week supporting and encouraging Tikkun emissary, Greta, in Greece, where she has been serving for some years. They spent time reaching out to Israeli travellers and locals, as well as building up the local body of Messiah. One person came to the Lord during the outreach.

Hong Kong – Asher spoke at a major conference of 13,000 organised by Watchmen for the Nations, where he also serves on the visionary team. A number of other local and RI staff members attended this key intercessory initiative: “In the Spirit this influenced a strategic moment in Hong Kong’s modern history, amidst street protests and growing violence which express a deep upheaval in Hong Kong people’s vision for the future.”

Kazir (‘harvest’) is a nationwide Israel youth camp which disciples young people, raising up labourers for the great final harvest from Israel’s emerging generation. Sarah served there as a youth counsellor. Several kids gave their lives to the Lord. One young person said, “Cut – the movie [meaning fake reality] has ended, a new life has begun – I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Switzerland and Finland - Youval and Valerie ministered in churches and conferences in Geneva and Finland. In the latter they served ‘Friends of Yad HaShmona’ – the founders of the Messianic village where Revive Israel is located. 

Thailand – Asher, Betty, and Mi Jung served in Bangkok, where Asher was a main speaker at the Asia Messianic Forum conference, alongside Peter Tsukahira and Joseph Shulam. The conference was instrumental in bringing unity to the body in Asia and Israel.

USA – Ilana supported Tikkun’s annual Restore Conference in Maryland, while Will shared at the MJAA/ MJUA conference in Pennsylvania, where he spoke about ministry here in Israel, before joining the Jewish Voice conference where he connected with leaders.

Unclean from My Sin


Jeremiah Smilovici’s struggle with pornography left him stranded in a pit of guilt. He felt dirty before God. How did he overcome?

Watch HERE!