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October 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

At this time of the Fall Feasts, Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, may the Lord visit you and your congregation with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a release of His Kingdom purposes overflowing into your neighbourhood and society.  

Getting to Know the Team – Youval and Valerie

Youval & ValerieValerie grew up in Switzerland, came to faith aged 16 and received God's love for Israel. She then joined a Bible school in Paris – very different from her previous interior design career in Geneva.

Youval was a chef and restaurant owner, before leaving catering to become a diving instructor in Cyprus. There he met a new believer from Lebanon who brought him to faith through a local church. Youval started to read the New Testament and so loved Yeshua.

Youval and Valerie met 17 years ago at Gateways Beyond discipleship training school in Cyprus. Youval was a new believer and Valerie on staff. On leaving the school they were ‘betrothed’, surrounded by the Gateways community. A few months later they married on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

In Israel, Youval and Valerie served Asher and Betty’s ministry and together with others started the Revive Israel team. They led the development of the global teaching ministry and were among those who planted Ahavat Yeshua congregation in Jerusalem. Through their leadership, Youval and Valerie helped develop the heart for discipleship and community values in the Revive Israel team. 

Now Youval and Valerie with their 6 children (aged 3 to 15), are also investing in developing an evangelizing and discipling community of families, focusing on shared daily life through prayer and worship.

Books, Articles, and Local Teaching


The RI books ministry continues to support the global Body of Messiah with cutting edge teaching and books now translated into many languages thanks to faithful and diligent translators. Bill Wallace coordinates the English books, as well as some other languages.

Asher’s book Alignment has just been translated into German and is awaiting imminent publication.

Ariel Blumenthal’s new book One New Man is now available for purchase (digital version) in English (as well as Chinese and Korean) – to order please click here.

Revive Israel Hong Kong – a report by Iris Chang

teamAlignment prayer meeting: Knowing the crisis in HK, Asher and Ariel led the Hong Kong and China participants to pray hard for HK at the Alignment prayer meeting in July. We continued the monthly prayer meeting praying for Israel, unity between Jews and Gentiles, and Arabs and Jews.

All Authority discipleship: We continue to use Asher’s book “All Authority” as a handbook for weekly core team discipleship – now we understand more fully about the kingdom and have a greater passion to build the global body according to God’s heart. We are making this book available to more churches, so that the HK believers will have a healthy mind-set on the topic of “authority”.

Ministry Trips: Moses and Fanny went to Thailand for the Asian Messianic Forum with Asher, connecting with other leaders, sharing about the situation in HK, and calling for corporate prayer, as well as connecting with the RI Thailand team. Moses also went to Towards Jerusalem Council II meeting with Dan Juster, gathering to discuss the future of Jews and Gentiles cooperating together, and making wonderful connections, which may open up new ministry doors.

Fall Feasts Journey Israel - RI partner project - by Chaim Singerman

The Fall Feasts Journey in Israel (FFJI)* has just finished 2 weeks with Revive Israel and are now enjoying the upper Jordan River and Galilee area. We had a wonderful time celebrating the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh HaShanah), welcoming in the year 5780 on the Jewish calendar. Next, we will be celebrating the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), followed by the Feast of Tabernacles. This is a special time, celebrating the fall feasts together, which is actually a foreshadow of that great celebration we will have in the Age to Come, when Yeshua has returned!

tunnelWe also want to invite you to our Discipleship Journey in Israel (DJI).  This is a unique opportunity to spend 8 weeks (January 2 to February 28, 2020) in the land of Israel, receiving teaching from top Messianic leaders, visiting sites in Israel, volunteering and serving cutting-edge ministries in the land, and receiving intensive discipleship - in the land where Yeshua called the first disciples!  

For more information, contact Chaim Singerman at

Here is a short video about the DJI

*Please note FFJI is not a Revive Israel program, but is closely linked to RI on a friendship basis.

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