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November 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

The world is in a season of major transition: in the USA politics are increasingly polarized with elections just around the corner, Europe is dominated by Brexit, much of the Middle East has been in turmoil since the Arab Spring with radicalized Turkey and Iran extending their influence, in Japan there is a new emperor, and in Israel politicians are struggling to form a unity government.

These things, important as they are, pale in comparison to an unchanging reality, a more authentic picture and a better narrative – one expressed by the prophet Isaiah (9:6):

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Thank you for your prayers as you remember the nation of Israel and its place among the family of nations at this time of change.

Getting to Know the Team – Daniel

DanielDaniel Shaforenko recently took on the role of media manager for RI, enabling Cody and Liat to take a well-earned sabbatical.

Daniel was raised in Beer Sheva, by an atheist Jewish father and orthodox Christian mother. Growing up he heard very little about Yeshua.

Daniel came to faith through doing sport with believers from a Jerusalem congregation, where he was also discipled.

In 2014, Daniel was ranked number 5 in the world in the martial art Jiu-jitsu. He made a conscious choice to serve the Lord in ministry, rather than dedicating himself to his sport. Now his vision is to use technology to build the Kingdom of God, telling about Yeshua through media and encouraging believers from all over the world.

First Ever Revive Israel International Teams Israel Gathering

“I felt such a powerful presence of God - the fire of God will spread to my nation from Israel. It was great to share each other’s experience. I now feel closer to the Israel team, as well as those in the other nations”, said one participant.

Thank you to everyone who supported our first ever gathering of RI International Teams here in Israel, through our recently promoted ‘Project Paul’.

In addition to existing teams from Asia, North America and Europe, new and emerging teams gathered for the convocation, including Brazilians, Chinese/ Taiwanese, Ethiopian/ Kenyans, Greek speakers, Indians, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish speakers. Many are volunteers, some staff, some church leaders, some board members.

One day was dedicated to connecting overseas team members with the local Israeli leaders, several from Tikkun Israel Fellowship, providing local leaders with the opportunity to enlarge their ministry horizon through a growing network. The convocation itself was themed ‘Israel Light to the Nations’, including a focus on the ‘fullness of the nations’ and God’s unique calling on each people group. 

Another participant commented, “My faith is increased, built up and strengthened in seeing the actual unfolding of God’s plan for the end-times taking place”.

Bill, Holly, Debbie

Israel Aglow

Revive Israel/Tikkun Global were delighted to renew a long-term relationship with Aglow ministries, by sending Dan Juster and Asher to speak alongside Jane Hansen Hoyt at a major Jerusalem event – A Right Time for Israel. Hundreds of Aglow members also came to visit the RI base, taking time to learn about local ministry activities and connect with our staff. The Lord really moved in the worship and time together, reconnecting hearts.


What Is Faith Part 5


Anyone can flow along with what society is telling them to do, but it takes faith to overcome the world. It takes courage to refuse to say no to the world and the flesh. Learn together with Asher about overcoming through faith as he continues his study in Hebrews 11.

Watch here!