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Coming into Fullness of Destiny

Eelco Schaap


Young generations are coming into the fullness of their destiny in “One New Man” (Eph. 2:14-16)

Missing generation

In the early years of Petach Tikvah, I was shocked when I saw people aged 50 plus having some revelation about Israel, but not many younger people. It looked like a whole generation was missing understanding of Yeshua’s plan for Israel and the nations. How is this possible if 80% of the Bible concerns Israel, including its role in world revival?  

Possible barriers

  1. Teaching/revelation

Young generations seem to lack teaching regarding Israel. Such teachings should go much further than just supporting a land and its people, but emphasize the restoration of God’s Kingdom in all the earth! The response needs to be more than just having a church ‘Israel group’ (mostly older people), or holding an annual “Israel Sunday”. In moving closer to Yeshua’s return, there is a necessity to teach the younger generations God’s bigger picture!

  1. Unawareness of the spiritual battle

Similarly, there is a lack of understanding of the spiritual battle, often due to the deceptive influence of media, as well as wrong theology and doctrine. I have met pastors who have decided not teach about Israel because it will stir up controversy in their congregations.

  1. Unhealthy “Israel lovers”

I have seen many “Israel lovers” causing confusion and hindering youngsters (and pastors!) from grasping God’s masterplan. Areas of confusion include:

    1. Identity: gentiles over-reacting by starting to behave like Jews. Sometimes this is extreme – I have even seen a whole church that converted to Judaism, even drawing the attention of the media. Jesus/Yeshua, always has to be the center and not Jewish customs!
    2. People idolizing Jews, Israeli products etc.
    3. Separation: in getting revelation about the historic anti-Semitic role of the church, some people distance themselves from the church. Many times, there is no submitting to any form of leadership, and on that level they become disconnected from the body of Messiah. 


These issues mean that many youngsters end up confused and wonder, “Why should I care about Israel?” The emerging generation is under attack, with enemies that are more deceptive than ever before, and is in much need of spiritual discernment.

Wall of separation

Yeshua has broken down the wall of separation between Jew and gentile -  a mystery which Paul reveals in Ephesians 2: 14-16. In verse 21 Paul continues concerning Yeshua, "In whom all the building fitly framed together grows into a holy temple in the Lord." Jew and Gentile are to be “fitly” joined together, and after 2000 years it is time to break down walls and hindrances!

Unintentionally, a lot of “Israel lovers” are again amplifying a “wall of separation” between the Gentile church and Israel/the Messianic body, because of not acting wisely, being confused about identity and disconnecting themselves from their churches. The lack of discernment and of teaching are hindrances for God’s people to break-through into their full destiny. This is mutual - the fullness of the Church releases salvation for Israel, and the fullness of Israel releases the destiny of the Church. There is a bigger release of God’s Holy Spirit when the “one new man” comes to a more mature expression.

Covenantal partnering

As Revive Israel Netherlands, we feel it is important to equip the younger generation to achieve their fullness and to take their place. Over the years, we found that breakthrough mainly came when we connected Dutch youngsters with the Messianic body in Israel. Laying relational foundations between the Messianic body and the international church is of enormous strategic importance!

Lord, we pray for a historic shift in covenantal partnership between the international church and the Messianic body!!  We need each other! Amen.

(Eelco Schaap is director of Petach Tikvah Messianic ministry in the Netherlands and Revive Israel Netherlands. Together with his wife Karin, he has a particular emphasis on ministering to younger generations.)

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