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February 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

Jerusalem as ever is a hot topic in the news. Last month nearly 40 heads of state commemorated 75 years since Auschwitz was liberated - the largest diplomatic event in the history of the State of Israel. Then President Trump introduced the political section of his peace plan, supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital. However, the city is very much contested for and so we ask you to remember to, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and for Jerusalemites to discover for themselves the Prince of Peace.


Meet the Team: Yael Carmiel

YaelYael recently joined Revive Israel, assisting in daily operations and administration.

She grew up, and still lives with her family in Kibbutz Yitav, a small village in the Jordan River valley, with a population of 200 people, founded by migrants from the Soviet Union.

Growing up with a believing mother and non-believing father was often challenging for me, but I found Yeshua personally at the age of 17”.

During her military service, serving as an aircraft technician, she remained ‘undercover’ as a believer. However, after release, she participated in the Eagle project (see below), undergoing discipleship training in Norway. “It was an immensely blessed experience and gave me the confidence and ‘push’ I needed to move forward as a believer in Yeshua”.

Through Nesher, she got connected to Revive Israel: “Now my heart is drawn to discipling young people and supporting them in their faith journey”.

Nesher - The Eagle Project 2020

eagleWe really value covering from believers and congregations. Please pray for us.  God has been moving, is continuing to move, and will do great things in the lives of young people who will bear much fruit in the body of Messiah worldwide’, says organizer Tal Haroni.

The Eagle Project - a partnership between Return to Zion ministry and Revive Israel - invests in young adults in Israel and abroad, discipling and equipping them, developing the next generation of servant-leaders. It’s a practical program, enabling the young generation to minister using their gifts.  

eagleThis year, apart from the regular discipleship weekends, young Israeli believers will be sent to the Far East and Europe, to connect with believing youth there. In this way discipleship is extended over borders and cultures.

For those wanting to partner with us in the Eagle Project, please click here and specify “Nesher.”

Daniel and Tal Robin in Eastern Europe (9-17 January)

Daniel and TalDaniel and Tal recently visited the Czech Republic and Poland where they ministered at youth conferences, congregations and homegroups.

It was Daniel first ministry trip and he came back really impacted by the experience. “I was able to observe the life styles of pastors, elders and ministry leaders while staying in their homes. As a young person I was inspired by their commitment and dedication to the things of God”.

He gave his testimony and taught young people, of whom many had never heard a young Israeli testify about Yeshua! It was very encouraging on both sides.

Tal observed: “Taking young people on mission trips equips them tremendously. They return with new vigor, skills and inspiration to be used in God’s Kingdom.”

Discipleship Journey Israel (DJI) 2020: Jan 2 - Feb 28, 2020

Participants from all over the world taking part in the Discipleship Journey Israel program, joined Revive Israel during worship meetings in January.


“Israel provides a living classroom …. Our participants stepped into the Bible story by joining a loving community of believers who are passionate about making disciples and understanding the Word of God. They connected with the people of the Land, experienced the Word made flesh, and got its soil under their fingernails”, explained organizer Ruti Singerman.

The group moved on to serve at the Aliya Return Center in Galilee. Participant Delia from Switzerland, related:

“God has already restored my heart, refreshed my knowledge of his prophetic word and created beautiful friendships. I experienced the power of the words in the Bible taking their full meaning while reading, being and praying in his land. God blessed each and one of us. It is really beautiful”.

To find out more, please go to:


Our Words Change Our World

AsherAsher teaches that one of the things we note when we begin to understand the Bible, and begin to understand God, is that our words have much more importance than we ever thought.


Subtitles in Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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