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July 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friend of Revive Israel,

In 2020 new levels of uncertainty and disquiet are affecting most of us, wherever we are in the world. Racial tensions are mounting in the US. Giant nuclear powers China and India engaged in a small battle on their shared border. Anti-Semitism continues to rise according to statistics. Much of the world is experiencing a second Coronavirus wave. What next? When will a vaccine be available? What will be the outcome of the application of Jewish law in areas of Judea and Samaria (West Bank)? Will governments which hold some kind of Biblical values remain in power?


It can seem more than overwhelming. Yet, we know the one who has already overcome the world, YESHUA, our peace, anchor, help and guide in these turbulent days:

And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; The fear of the LORD is his treasure.” Isaiah 33:6 (NASB)

Please pray for many Israelis to encounter Him in these days.


Meet the Team - Tal Haroni

Most of the secular kibbutzim in Israel have a predominantly atheistic and socialistic culture. Tal’s youth was spent in such a community, where those who grow up there generally feel a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and accomplishments. Like the other children of Tzora, she spent most of her days outside with her group, eating meals in the kibbutz dining room, attending classes, and going on field trips. Her family life was close-knit and warm, with extended family members also living in Tzora.

Despite all that, she felt like an outsider, misplaced, like she didn’t fit into the group. “I tried to be like everyone, but it didn’t work. I also tried to be the opposite of them, but that failed even more.”

Her father, coming from an observant religious family, introduced her to Judaism and keeping the Law. “Since childhood, I had a very alert conscience and believed in God. Yet, my environment had few moral borders and was non-religious. I was very confused.” During her late teens, she tried to fill the emptiness with drugs and hedonism but it only increased her unhappiness.

During that time, Ayelet, her aunt, came to live on the kibbutz. She miraculously came to faith in Yeshua a few years earlier. Tal remembered being drawn to Ayelet’s house: “‘Something’ in there gave me peace and hope; I could open up about my struggles. Later I understood that it was the presence of the Holy Spirit.” During those visits, she encountered Yeshua and started reading the “Tanach” (Old Testament) and ‘Brit Hadasha’ (New Testament). That was the beginning of a faith journey that brought her to healing and a new identity in Him.

Tal joined Revive Israel in 2007 holding various positions. Today she is co-leading the Nesher discipleship program where Israeli young people are equipped, counseled, and drawn closer to their Saviour. In October she will start an M.A degree in family counseling. Her long-term vision is to see strong and healthy believing families who can impact Israeli society and be a light shining in the darkness.

40 Days of Fire - Intensive Internship Program – August 2020


In early August, Revive Israel will begin a 40-day discipling program to strengthen and invest in young Israeli believers. The program is for 18-38-year olds who long to change and go deeper in the Lord’s presence through the Holy Spirit. It is a time of dedication and equipping to face challenges in His power. The participants will also receive practical life tools to implement at work, in the family, in Israeli society and community.


The program will include work in agriculture combined with daily spiritual activities. Students will be able to work and reflect on what they learned while listening to God and connecting with his creation. (Rom 1:20). They will also have the opportunity to minister to the poor (believers and non-believers alike) during practical service in urban communities.

We would be happy if you can partner with us in prayer, before, during and after the program. We specifically need prayer for the following:
• Each enrolled student; for their hearts to be protected and prepared.
• The facilitating team to have wisdom, God’s protection and unity.

If you'd like to receive a weekly prayer update please write to

We are subsidizing the participation fee for the students which is NIS 2,600NIS for 40 days. If you feel it on your heart to sponsor a student or to contribute towards it, please click here.

Revive Media


We are excited with the recent changes we achieved with the Revive Israel & Tikkun Media Team. The worship room space was renovated with fresh paint, new gear, and cameras. Our Global Broadcast experience has been elevated to deliver a more engaging experience to our brothers and sisters all over the world. Today, our team is made of Felipe Hasegawa, Daniel Shaphorenko, Robi Bishai, Diego Polly, Sharon Cantor, and Andrew Raeder.

“The Lord has assembled a very special crew for an important mission—to connect people all over the world to Israel, and Israel to the Ends of the Earth to enter into God’s presence”, Felipe says.

Please keep the team in your prayers as they seek to deliver the best possible media publications. Follow us on and on for days and times for our Global Broadcast.

Revive Hong Kong Team Update:

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has slowed down activities in the city, yet it became an amazing opportunity to develop our online ministry. We have greatly made use of media to interact with the global body and spread the messages across,” Moses Ng, RI Hong Kong team leader, says.

A weekly online training on Asher’s book, “All Authority” with RI China Team was recently started. About 100 Chinese across China, Kyrgyzstan, and other locations are joining the Zoom conferences! The new RI Hong Kong Facebook page was launched with Hebrew worship and teaching translated in Chinese. Regular online prayer for Israel and the alignment of the Body of Messiah is taking place.

They have it on their hearts to launch an online Academy on RI key teachings, e.g. Alignment, One New Man, Covenantal Relationships, etc., in Chinese. This will bless Hong Kong believers and also Chinese all over the globe!

Can you join us in prayer for the Hong Kong team? For adequate financial provision, unity and discernment for the leaders, spiritual health, and growth for the members (including little Shula).

You can visit them on Facebook: Revive Israel Hong Kong and Revive Israel Global Chinese.