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Preparing A Dwelling Place - Online Global Gathering

Dan Juster


For many years our senior team from Tikkun Ministries, today Tikkun Global, Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkoff, and myself have taught that the prayer of Jesus, that we might be “one that the world would believe” would be fulfilled before the return of Yeshua.  John 17 unity has been our heart and commitment for 40 years.  As Messianic Jews we carried this burden in a very deep way since the worldwide ecclesia today was birthed from the Jewish people.  We thought this unity would be connected to revivals, last days pressures and awakening church leaders around the world to the implications of Jesus’s prayer.  In this, we hoped and still hope to see unity in practical ministry cooperation in regions and cities around the world; that this cooperative unity would become one of the dominant characteristics of true churches made up of true revived believers. 

A few years back, a group of Israeli leaders met with David Demian, an Egyptian doctor and prophetic leader who resides in Western Canada.  I had known David since 1998.  David has an amazing history and investment in the Chinese Church and also carries a deep heart for the salvation of Israel.  This led to some wonderful gatherings for prayer and unity with Chinese Christians, Messianic Jews, and Arab Christians, along with representatives from many other nations.  Powerful transactions for unity and commitment to one another took place.  The heart of love and humility expressed for one another was also amazing. 

When COVID 19 circled the world, the physical gatherings, called Homecoming by the Chinese, or simply "global gatherings" internationally, could no longer take place in person.  Could we do something in lieu of this?  It developed that Asher Intrater would be the key point person for us Messianic Jews in a new initiative with David Demian as the point person for the Gentiles with a special place for Arab involvement.  We determined to take advantage of the restrictions to launch something that would involve the churches and leaders of many nations.  Two great events took place in the Spring.  Hundreds of thousands, probably over a million, connected to the Passover and Pentecost events.  I was privileged to be a participant.  Just last week, we had the first of four High Holiday and Sukkot (Tabernacles) events.  Something amazing is happening that none of us could have anticipated.  We are seeing John 17:21 on an international level expressed by joining in worship, communion and sharing from leaders from around the world.

Here are my conclusions:

  1. These are the most amazing meetings for unity that I have ever seen.  It adds an element to John 17 and its present and possible future fulfillment that I had not anticipated.
  2. Secondly, these meetings are led by the Spirit and not rigidly planned out.  The heart is to show humility, mutual love by listening and empathy, and commitment to prayer and worship in unity through an international online venue.  Those who lead worship find everyone really worshipping together.  Imagine worship going up throughout the world at the same time live!!
  3. Then finally, these online global gatherings are connected to Israel.  Everyone is committed to the destiny of Israel.  It is as though this unity would not be possible without the recovery of a Jewish rooting of the Body of Christ. The Messianic Jewish remnant in unity with the rest of global Church is a key part of the spiritual power being released.  As we live in the Middle East, the reconciliation of Jews and Arabs through Messiah has been a key part of this as well and spawned a parallel effort for Messianic Jews and Arab Christians. 

We do not know what will ultimately come of this.  However, I anticipate the local outworking will be an advance of the Kingdom and greater quality unity in the various regions represented in this initiative.  Of course, we hope for revivals around the world.

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