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Science and Creation

written by Hezi Intrater
July 14, 2012

Faith in God involves every area of life. One of the first items of faith is belief in divine creation (Genesis 1:1, Hebrews 11:3). Modern science gives evidence for the biblical claims of creation.

  1. Microbiology – Atheistic evolution demands a chance development over time from less complex forms of life to more complex. Recent microscopic technology proves that even simple forms of life have extremely complex structures on the micro-biological level. Those simple forms demand a super intelligent guiding hand.
  2. Big Bang – Modern physics points to a moment of huge explosion and release of energy which created the universe; again quite contrary to the gradual chance development theory. That explosion demands an initial creation at an initial point in time, as described in the book of Genesis.
  3. Time Relativity – Einstein proved that time is not absolute, but changes according to mass and speed. Thus the attempted disqualifying of biblical creation because of time estimates of star distances becomes irrelevant. The huge amount of mass and energy at the moment of the initial explosion would exponentially warp the time and speed estimates from what they appear at the present time.

Romans 1:20 – His invisible power can be seen clearly since the creation of the world, as grasped by the intellect according to the things that are made.

Romans 2:15 – Their conscience bears witness within them and their thoughts either accusing them or excusing them.

How we interpret natural creation forms a test for mankind. All the evidence of creation is available, but God chooses to keep Himself invisible. He gives us intelligence in which to think about what appears in nature. He gives us a conscience to discern between right and wrong. And then He gives us free will by which He demands that we choose to believe or not.


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