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War against Hizballah – A Messianic Perspective

written by Asher Intrater
July 05, 2006

As I write, 10 days of warfare have passed between Israel and Hizballah in Lebanon. Here are some pointers for prayer:

Disproportionate – Israel has been accused by some of using disproportionate force. Disproportionate to what? Hizballah has declared its intention of wreaking widespread damage across Israel; its long-term goal is to destroy Israel completely; and last week were shooting 100 missiles per day aimed at major population areas, such as Haifa.

Cease-fire – U.N. Secretary Kofi Anan has called for immediate cease-fire. However, Israel pulled out of Southern Lebanon in 2000. During the past 6 years Hizballah has been building up its armaments in preparation for war. During this same time, the UN had committed itself to keeping the area disarmed. If they had lived up to their commitment, there wouldn’t be a need to call for a cease-fire at this time.

Hizballah Losses – Some military experts estimate that about half of Hizballah’s strength has been destroyed. One indication is that the rate of Katyushas fired into Israel has dropped from over 100 per day last week to under 50 these last couple of days.

Destroy Hizballah – Israel’s first goal in this war is of course to see the kidnapped soldiers returned. However, a wider goal is to destroy Hizballah’s military power. Let us pray for Israel to be able to strike the weapons arsenals and leadership of Hizballah while hurting as few as possible innocent civilians, and have the forcefulness to finish the job. May their “aim” and focus be exact.

Spirit of Resolve – Many around the world, including Christians and Messianic Jews, are overcome with anxiety about the situation. That is not so in Israel. Here there is a quiet but determined resolve to use this opportunity to fight against the forces of terrorism and Jihad. The people are united and ready to fight. I believe there is a spiritual parallel for the Church. We are beginning to enter the types of events described in the book of Revelation. May a new spirit of resolve come upon the Body of Messiah worldwide.

“A’s” friends – During the first skirmish on the Lebanese border, a tank was blown up killing two Israeli soldiers, both of whom were close friends of “A” (a Messianic soldier who had previously served in the same unit). May the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with those who have lost loved ones.

Nasrallah and Rabshakeh – “Y” pointed out the parallel between the bragging and bombastic words of Nasrallah with those of Rabshakeh, who was sent by the Sanhariv king of Assyria. Rabshakeh cursed Israel and proclaimed that he would destroy Israel. Isaiah and Hezekiah brought the situation before the Lord. Isaiah received a prophecy that Rabshakeh would not succeed. That night the angel of the Lord killed 185,000 in the enemy’s camp. (Isaiah 36-37). Let us also note that Daniel 10:13 describes Michael the archangel coming to help Israel in its battle against the spirit of Persia (Iran). May we realize like Daniel and Isaiah how much our prayers can influence the military and political situation around us.

Public Opinion – One of the spiritual aspects of the war is public opinion around the world. May the Lord use this conflict to turn moderate Muslims away from terror; to separate liberal humanists from their defense of the terrorists; to bring more just reporting in the media; to turn the church toward Israel and Israel toward Yeshua. I thank God that once again President Bush has stood up to political powers in America, in Europe, and in the U.N. to support Israel’s struggle against terror. May the world know the evil of Islamic Jihad and be repelled by it.

“S’s” Prayer – We received a request from “S,” a former Muslim terrorist who is now an evangelist in Lebanon. He described the pain of the people, their distress, and his desire that many come to know Yeshua. May God pour out His compassion and help for all those innocents who are suffering; may many Muslims come to know the Lord even at this time, and may the number of those suffering be kept to an absolute minimum.

Cleansing the Spirit – “Y” also pointed out that the “spirit” in Israeli television and media has changed. There has been a turning away from the usually strong emphasis on sexual immorality and worldly entertainment. May God likewise use this opportunity to cleanse the church worldwide from the lusts of this world. During the period of the book of Revelation, the Bride is to be made pure. May that purity begin now.

Another amazing turn of events has happened because of the war. On August 10 was scheduled the international homosexual parade and conference in Jerusalem, designed to make Jerusalem the gay-lesbian-transsexual capital of the world. The pastors in Jerusalem have all been praying for this to be cancelled. Yesterday the parade was cancelled “due to the war.” The spiritual ramifications of this cancellation are world wide.

Clearing the Border – One of the most difficult tasks facing Israel in the weeks ahead is to clear the Hizballah entrenchments one or two kilometers deep along the approximately 70 kilometers of the border between Israel and Lebanon. “H,” a Messianic soldier and officer with experience in military intelligence along the border, reports that the area is particularly difficult, with rocky, hilly, twisting terrain. Over the past six years Hizballah has planted many land mines and bunkers there. Several Israeli soldiers have already been killed on this front.

“T’s” Dreams – Another Israeli Messianic soldier and officer, “T,” received two prophetic dreams, one telling of the war to come, and the other with words of encouragement, including: This is definitely a war between Yeshua and the enemy. It’s about the enemy trying to destroy God’s plan, BUT HE WON’T SUCCEED. (Joel 3: 4-8)

This is a war between our Lord and the regional spirits controlling Hizballah and the Palestinian terror activists. Yeshua is going to reign in this world again, from Israel, from Jerusalem. The nation of Israel must be in its land, to be saved and to prepare the coming of our Lord the King. He is going to win this battle. (Joel 3: 9-10)

The Lord is calling us to war. He also calls the nations to join us. It’s a spiritual warfare. Its effects are seen in the earthly realm, in the battle between Israel and the Palestinian terror organizations and Hizballah, but it’s much higher than that. He is also calling those who are not “used” to being in the fields of war, to rise and to take their swords and spears. (Joel 3: 13, 16-17).

He is going to win, but we have a job to do. Let’s rise and fight. There is awesome power in Yeshua’s holy name. He is calling us not to be afraid, and stand grounded in Him while our nation is battling.

Asher serves as president of Tikkun Global family of ministries and congregations, dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. He is founder of the Revive Israel five-fold ministry team, and oversees both Ahavat Yeshua and Tiferet Yeshua congregations in Israel.

He and his wife Betty share a passion for personal prayer and devotion, local evangelism and discipleship in Hebrew, and unity of the Body of believers worldwide.

Asher was raised in a conservative Jewish home and holds degrees from Harvard University, Baltimore Hebrew College and Messiah Biblical Institute. He has authored numerous books, tracts and articles.

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