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Worship Your Creator

written by Asher Intrater
February 04, 2005

Worship is the right relationship between a creator and His created being. It is the right attitude from us as created beings toward God our creator.

Ecclesiastes 12:1
“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth.”

When we worship, we 1) take our position as created beings, and 2) receive God in His position over us as creator.

This action breaks the first lie of the devil that we could become our own gods, replacing God Himself. What an illusion for a created being to think he is a non-created being! We humans are deluded if we think we are a self-created being, or a self-evolving entity by means of independent forces of nature. What a deception for a created being to think that there is no creator!

Romans 1:25
“Who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creation rather than the Creator.”

The human race yields to that temptation because we don’t want anybody “over” us. When we worship, we say, “Yes, there is someone over me.” One or the other is in delusion. If there is no God, then to worship is the most demented and self-defeating thing a person could do. If God is real, then any activity not reflecting a heart of worship would be an illusion.

We worship in Yeshua’s (Jesus) name through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. If there was a way to enter into this personal communion with God through some religious form of traditional Judaism, Christianity or Islam, then we are simply making fools of ourselves. However if true worship does come through Yeshua and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then the fools are they who go through all kinds of religious rituals without making an actual connection with the living God.

God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and truth (John 4:23-24). If God is real, then worship is not unreasonable but reasonable. This is our reasonable worship.

Romans 12:1
“Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable worship.”

Worship is what a created being does; it is what he gives to his creator. Worship not only puts you in the right position as a created being, it also puts God in right position to be your creator. When you start worshiping (doing what you are supposed to do as a created being), then God starts doing what He is supposed to be doing as your creator (protecting, providing, sanctifying, empowering). God starts creating new things in your life – dimensions of the kingdom of God in your inner man (Romans 14:17, Ephesians 4:24).

When you put the Creator over you, He puts the creation under you. While He is over your head in worship, the creation is under your feet in dominion. We’re not supposed to be just created beings; we’re supposed to be halfway between the two (Genesis 2:7); we’re supposed to be God’s image toward the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26).

God is spirit and He created a physical world. There is a connection, a parallel between the spiritual and the physical. Eventually the two will all come together into one (Zechariah 14:9, Ephesians 1:10). God has a dream. One day His dream will be totally realized in the physical realm. We call that the kingdom of God.

Ezekiel saw a river in a spiritual vision (Ezekiel 47). It is a spiritual river. One day that vision will take upon flesh, and there will be a natural river as well.

In Luke 1:10, Zechariah the priest offered incense at the same time that the saints offered prayers. At that moment the physical and the spiritual were together. There were other times that the incense was offered in the Temple without the prayers. In Revelation 8:3, the prayers were offered like incense without the incense itself.

When we worship and prophesy, we stand as a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical. We have physical bodies, but we can also be filled with the spirit of God. When we are filled with the Spirit, we are both physical and spiritual. We have a part in both realms.

God, the spiritual creator, created the physical world by His words. As we worship, His spirit fills us. As we prophesy, we speak His words. We became a physical dwelling place for His spirit; we became a physical mouthpiece for the spiritual words of God.

God created the natural first creation without us. However He desires that the new creation of the world to come will be a cooperative project between Him and His children.

The desert will blossom as a rose. We in Israel see so much desert. But God’s dream is for this area to become like the Garden of Eden. So we speak words of God’s dream over this desert land. We speak of rivers of living water and a renewal of the Garden of Eden over this dry and often spiritually barren place.

We speak God’s dream. We speak His words. It will come to pass. It is in process of coming to pass even now. As we speak the words of God, His dream for this place starts to take on flesh, “skin and tendons.” Yeshua Himself was God’s dream and God’s word that became flesh (John 1:14). He was prophesied into physical embodiment by generations of Hebrew prophets (John 1:45).

We stand in their place today. We worship to be filled with the spirit and join our hearts to God in love. We prophesy to speak the words of His dream, calling it to come to pass, giving embodiment to the kingdom of God, participating in the new creation.

Asher serves as president of Tikkun Global family of ministries and congregations, dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church. He is founder of the Revive Israel five-fold ministry team, and oversees both Ahavat Yeshua and Tiferet Yeshua congregations in Israel.

He and his wife Betty share a passion for personal prayer and devotion, local evangelism and discipleship in Hebrew, and unity of the Body of believers worldwide.

Asher was raised in a conservative Jewish home and holds degrees from Harvard University, Baltimore Hebrew College and Messiah Biblical Institute. He has authored numerous books, tracts and articles.

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